Our Mission

Promoting the stewardship of our natural environment through field-based botanical services.


The Institute of Botanical Training provides botanical consulting services and plant identification workshops throughout the Midwestern United States. Our specialized services include high quality vegetation monitoring, rare and invasive plant surveys, floristic quality assessments, plant community mapping, management plans and botanical inventories.

We also offer several field-based plant identification workshops each year. During our workshops, we strive to teach as many plants as possible by encouraging familiarity with the flora through repetition and various exercises. Unlike most other plant identification courses, we focus almost exclusively on vegetative identification characters, rather than relying unnecessarily on flowers. Ultimately, participants gain a strong working knowledge of the regional flora. Please see our Course Descriptions to learn more.

Workshop Schedule

May 16-May 20 • Rolla, MO
Ozarks Flora Workshop ($750)

May 24-May 27 • Nashville, TN
Wetland Flora Workshops ($700)

Jun 7-Jun 10 • Eau Claire, WI
Wetland Flora Workshops ($700)

Jun 14-Jun 17 • Clinton, MO with some travel for field trips
Prairie Flora and Ecology ($700)

Jul 12-Jul 15 • Indianapolis, IN
Wetland Flora Workshop ($700)

You can learn how to register to attend one of our sessions by clicking the REGISTER link. SPACES ARE LIMITED, SO REGISTER EARLY!

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